About Berrien Hills Golf Club

Berrien Hills Country Club was founded in 1909, but the club was not at today’s current location. The course was about five miles up river from where it is located today. The old course was turned into a public course named Martin Hill then later called Wyndwicke. That course received a final name change to The Oaks before closing in the summer of 2005.

In 1924 Berrien Hills moved to its current location on the St. Joseph River at Napier Avenue in Southwest Michigan. Dues were $250 a year the following summer and the club had a single telephone number, Harbor-661. Berrien Hills grew and weathered the Great Depression of the 1930’s. In 1935 two clay tennis courts were installed and were in use until 1940 when waning interest caused them to be removed. But that attitude didn’t prevail long; when World War II ended, Berrien Hills’ membership virtually exploded.

Since then the golf course has been vastly improved in both design and maintenance. The clubhouse repeatedly has been expanded, redecorated and re-equipped.

Berrien Hills Country Club closed at the end of 2005, after a final attempt to thrive by going semi-private that summer. The club was bought the following spring by The Neuser Family, and opened April 21 as Berrien Hills Golf Club, a public course for the first time since 1909. Chris Neuser’s first job as a teen in 1984 was working at Berrien Hills Country Club. Later that same summer he started working at Wyndwicke for then head pro Dave Vonk. After purchasing Berrien Hills, Chris immediately hired Dave Vonk to be general manager of Berrien Hills Golf Club.

Since Dave Vonk has been general manager of Berrien Hills, the club has seen continuous improvements. The greens are in spectacular shape, and receive compliments from long time members as well as first time players. The golf shop, clubhouse with new upper deck and pool are updated and welcoming. Heather Starkey, a professional event planner for Ray’s On The Green, is now exclusively handling all catering and events, ensuring a positive experience. The tradition of Berrien Hills is once again alive as a popular destination for families, weddings, parties, and golf outings.